about services available from UNIPROJEKT

UNIPROJEKT was founded in 1986 in Warsaw Poland by Stanislaw Chmielarz. After 10 years of work at Institute of Agricultural Machinery I decided to run my own small bussiness. Being a mechanical engineer and electrician I started as burglar alarm central unit device constructor and installer. When more computers come to Poland from far east in early 90's I started to install local area networks, Arcnet technology at the beginning and then Ethertnet technology 10Base2 and 10BaseT. When networks stay more popular I changed from installation to network administration and system administration starting from NetWare 3.11 in 1996 and IBM AIX in 1998.
For now UNIPROJEKT offers setup, install, mount, service and maintenance of:

UNIPROJEKT offers additional services for long term maintenance contracts (outsourcing) :

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