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EasyProxy Proxy Server, multithreaded engine provides fast access to dozens of LAN users. Share your dialup connection with the rest of the network. Perfect for small offices and homes with networks. Configure your clients to use proxy support and simply launch the server. No setup needed, it's easy. Freeware HTTP Proxy Server.

Internet Gate A multiple proxy gate and firewall. It can allow users on a Local Area Network (LAN) without Internet access to access the Internet through a single machine on the LAN connected to the Internet, either via a dial-up modem / ISDN connection or another ethernet card. Personal (1 User) Free

NetProxy Lite A secure, reliable and cost-effective way to provide simultaneous Internet access to multiple network users with only one Internet connection of almost any type (a dialup modem account, ISDN, cable-modem, leased-line, etc.). Support for many protocols including HTTP (with Cache), secure HTTP, RealPlayer (audio and video), FTP, Telnet, SMTP & POP3, SOCKS and port mapping. Includes full access logging functionality, dial-on-demand, and a powerful configurable firewall. NetProxy is distributed as "try before you buy" shareware. This means that you can download a fully functioning 30-day evaluation version now. After the evaluation period has expired, NetProxy will continue to run with support for one user at a time - you can carry on using it in this mode completely free of charge!

Proxy+ 128K Firewall, proxy and mail server gives the complete solution of shared access to Internet from LAN. Version for 3 users is absolutely free, versions for 5 ($99), 10 ($199) and unlimited users ($299) are available.

Sambar Server The Sambar Server is a multi-threaded HTTP, FTP and Proxy server. Features include:

As Microsoft and Netscape have the commercial market pretty well locked up, I'll continue to enhance and distribute the Sambar Server for free until a new venture sweeps me off.

SOCKServ Freeware - free for non-commercial use! Number of connections is only limited by memory or other stuff! The practical limit is 64 or the winsock limit whichever is lower. Can pass requests to other SOCKS servers! - Check the "Chain to other SOCKS" box to do this. Can log all data that passes through it! - Check the "log" box. Can limit sending and receiving bandwidth usage separately. The limit can be toggled on and off without stopping the server. Requires Bind95/NY, Freeware, from Bind95/NT is based on the UNIX code but it is a fully functional 32bit DNS server. (Domain Name Server).

SpoonProxy Enables every machine on your network to access internet resources through one internet connection thereby saving you tons of money in telephone and ISP costs. It runs in a small amount of memory (you will hardly know it's running), yet it is an industrial-strength proxy server that is incredibly easy to set up, is fully customizable, and has excellent online help. The shareware version is fully functional indefinitely (no expire for basic proxy operations), limited only by the number of simultaneous connections it allows. So for a small home network, SpoonProxy is basically free. Supports HTTP, FTP, POP3, SMTP, SOCKS4 and 5, incoming and outgoing IP restriction, auto-dial on demand and a port mapping wizard for easy configuration. SpoonProxy is fully-functional in this trial version and will not expire. However, it is limited to one user connection at a time until registration and SOCKS4 and SOCKS5 support will stop working after 30 days. So, for a small two machine home network, SpoonProxy is basically free.

VSOCKS Light A simple, FREE proxy server to allow you to connect UNLIMITED users on your LAN to the Internet through a single modem-equipped PC. Now anyone on your LAN can 'surf the net', or download files or read Usenet through a single Internet connection. VSOCKS Light implements a subset of the SOCKS 4 proxy protocol. This protocol can be used to proxy any TCP/IP protocol including HTTP, FTP, TELNET and NNTP (Usenet). Common web browsers already support the SOCKS protocol, other software that doesn't support SOCKS itself can still be used via a SOCKS proxy by using free third party software . This software is totally Free and works for Unlimited concurrent users.

WinGate Allows multiple users simultaneous access to the Internet with only one connection of nearly any type (modem, ISDN, leased line, etc.). WinGate runs on a single Windows 95 or NT computer, which does not have to be "dedicated" to the task. WinGate 2.1 can share a single Internet connection with nearly any computer running TCP/IP - and shares access with such popular applications as Netscape Navigator, MS Internet Explorer, Eudora, Netscape Mail, popular telnet and FTP programs, and many, many more. Free for one PC on a LAN.

WinProxy A proxy server and firewall with integrated mail server for Win95/NT. Lately the product received "THE BEST OF LANTIMES" AWARD from the LAN Times Testing Center. WinProxy allows you to connect your entire local network to the Internet through one (dynamic) IP address. The firewall will protect your data and the mailserver will distribute all your e-mail. WinProxy supports HTTP, FTP, GOPHER, SSL /HTTPS/, Telnet, NNTP, SMTP, POP3, Real Audio, Mapped Links and SOCKS protocols. It also features shared cache, dial-on-demand, user/group management, URL restricting, logging, proxy cascading support and more. This update also works with Microsoft RRAS SteelHead. For MS Windows NT 4.0, we recommend to install Service Pack 3 and MS RRAS SteelHead if used on MS Windows NT 4.0 Server.

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